How Cloud Desktops can help with securing your Company’s data from insecure Remote Worker’s access


With the need for access to company’s data, companies are more and more reliant on employees to use their home network for accessing data from the office. Although this connection being often secured via VPN, 99% of home networks are insecure with basic firewall configurations open to malicious attacks and end-devices aren’t properly patched and often with no antivirus being run.

Eliminate the risk for malwares getting into your companies data.

Even if the devices being used are properly patched and secured, there is still a difficulty in separating what is personal data vs company data, especially if employees are being asked to use their own personal devices.

With this mix of data while connected to the data in the office, it imposes a tremendous security risk.

Putting into a scenario, consider that employee John Smith is asked to work from home and he is given a work laptop. His work laptop connects to the office via VPN for accessing company data. This laptop, being connected to the same home wifi network as his other devices, including his daughter’s laptop, now is exposed by malwares that may infect his daughter’s laptop and consequently, for being on the same network, John’s work laptop could get infected via the home network that he is connected to – therefore exposing all of the data in the office since the VPN could be potentially be propagating that virus over the network exposing all of Company’s data.

In the case of a ransomware attach for instance, the virus could end up encrypting the file servers in the office, as well as files in John’s network.

Therefore it is extremely important to perform best practices on how employees access company data while working remotely.

One highly secure method being the use of DaaS. This product is a cloud service giving the user a Virtual Desktop where it seals itself from the home network while still connected to the company’s network via VPN(or any other means).

Procopio Technologies is able to deploy Cloud Desktops for its customers in minutes and customers are able to pay on a subscription basis eliminating upfront large expenses (CAPEX). 

Now from the scenario above, if John is using a Cloud Desktop as a service from Procopio, John would have the capability of using any device on his home network and still be highly secure while keeping the company data virtually separated from his physical laptop. Additionally backup of data is always a necessary precaution to have in place for in case it is ever required to restore data that is attached. 

There are many other benefits of a Cloud Desktop solution. To name a few, company’s policies will still be possible to be centralized by a server in your company’s infrastructure, John would be able to run a very high end type of device as the specification of the virtual desktop is configurable on a per user basis as John would be able to use a very low spec physical type of device in order to run a very high spec one in the cloud (but yet on the same physical machine.

For instance, John has a low spec laptop with the following spec:

4GB RAM memory

240GB HDD storage

i3 Processor

But by connecting to his Cloud Desktop, he will benefit from whichever high specification he has running on that cloud machine but without having to spend in purchasing a new laptop. So he could for example be running a virtual machine with the below high spec:

16GB RAM memory

1TB HDD storage

4vCPU for processing

Thus saving in CAPEX costs with an OPEX model in its place and keeping company’s data on a separate network and sealed away from the home network while still using the home network.

Demonstration available – book it today and we will run through it with and for you allowing you to have a trial access to the platform.