IT Consultancy


Procopio Technologies offers best-in-class consulting services and enterprise solutions for industries in the manufacturing, banking, insurance, telecommunications, media, oil and gas energy, retail, service and public sectors. Our consulting services range from business process consulting to conceptual design, implementation and integration, as well as the support, operation and maintenance of IT systems. Additional offerings include outsourcing, hosting and full-service solutions in the information technological environment. Thus we provide a portfolio of innovative solutions and services that are tailored to suit the entire life cycle of IT investment.

Specialising and working together with clients in the IT Telecom Support, IT Recruitment and Web Marketing sectors. Specially focused on the IT Infrastructure aspects of a client’s network. Able to achieve tangible and measurable business benefits. Support and training of teams within a Service Desk environment while implementing or improving the processes.


    • Big emphasis on Incentives and Rewards to drive success within service desk environment
    • Incredibly strong team driven culture
    • A genuinely enjoyable place to work