How can Hosted Desktops Help With Business Continuity during the Coronavirus Pandemic?


In today’s world, we need to think further, we need to think future. This means asking ourselves what results and benefits can we take out of it. We are starting to realize that working remotely might be a solution for a better future, a cleaner world and also a time to spend closer to our family.  Our remote technology can help you to manage, create, be innovative and control your business from your home.

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The Majority of us are now in a state of incertitude for our businesses. The key for our perseverance is our positivity and our capability of coping with the actual world crisis which although it feels like a dream it is very real.

At Procopio we keep thinking forward, we are adjusting our services to your need. We know that all of us need to stay at home, not being in physical contact with anyone and avoid any insincere displacement.

In our daily lives we already adjust ourselves to the minimum needed.


The bigger question is how to make revenue without going to work?

How to work from home if I don’t have all the tools needed 


We need to adjust our business to what is the most needed for our customers.

Procopio Technologies can provide you with a Remote Desktop Solution. Investing in the right Remote Desktop Solution service provider means transforming the way you will operate your business.

It enables businesses to store their company data and desktops in the cloud. We can set up for you a cloud desktop with all your business software on it. This Desktop will be downloaded to any devices that you have available at your home or anywhere you may be. Remote desktop environment is a great solution to give your workers mobility and flexibility in the workplace.


The benefits of a Desktop-As-A-Service (DaaS) are:

  • Available for any type of industry, any size of a company
  • Employees and managers can access desktops from any device
  • Data are accessible, secure, and updated
  • No data loss as a result of a device failure
  • Boost Employee Productivity
  • Saving money – reducing the need for managed IT services


All we need now is to be ready to make a change.