IT Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

Routing & Switching

Reliable switches, routers and firewalls are the backbone of any network. Procopio Technologies partners with the best IT professionals in the industry, giving our customers access to the best core networking products available to support their business operations. An integrated approach to routing and switching lets all workers, no matter where they are, have the same access to business applications, unified communications, and videoconferencing.

Procopio network experts have experience designing and implementing large-scale network infrastructure projects for all varieties of public and private enterprises.

IT Security

Procopio’s Security Services team can provide services to help you to identify and protect the information assets within your organisation from both internal and external threats. Our services extend to cover a wide range of consulting, design and review services, as well as implementation and management of your security systems. These security management services form part of our IT managed infrastructure services. Procopio’s consultants have considerable expertise in providing information security advisory services across a broad spectrum of requirements.

  • Experienced security consultants and analysts to rely on, many holding relevant qualifications and certifications
  • Security Infrastructure Design and Implementation
  • Technical Security Management
  • Endpoint Security and anti-malware Management
  • Risk Assessment, including Change Assessment

Information Security

Virtualisation Solutions

Intelligent resource pooling to cut hardware costs

Virtualisation is the most important development in computing since the launch of the Internet. Save costs, time and the environment by embracing virtualisation.

Virtualisation has changed the way organisations view and manage their infrastructure and the majority of medium to large businesses today have implemented virtualisation in some form.

However, the mix of legacy infrastructure and virtual servers can become difficult to manage and it is not always easy to know which applications should be hosted where.

An effective virtualisation program requires a clear strategy and a plan for future management and review covering both your virtual and physical infrastructure.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

IT Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Virtualisation has influenced the way businesses view disaster recovery. Being able to effectively place anything, anywhere means that organisations can quickly respond to an outage, shifting processing power and workloads to other infrastructure as required.

Reduced downtime

Helping customers to prevent common causes of planned and unplanned downtime and minimize downtime when outages do occur.
Simplified processes by removing the complexity of maintaining duplicate physical systems for disaster recovery. It also eliminates and streamlines much of the recovery process.

Expanded protection

Virtualized solutions reduce the cost and complexity of business continuity solutions, companies can cost-effectively increase availability and ensure more rapid disaster recovery for more of their important applications.

Disaster Recovery

Consolidation & Lifecycle Management

Despite the advantages virtualisation brings, virtual server sprawl and overall management of virtual and physical environments have emerged as new challenges. A continual process of review, consolidation and optimisation will ensure that your virtualised as well as your physical environments will continue to deliver the economic and performance benefits you originally envisaged.

Whatever your virtualisation needs, Procopio Technologies have the right personel and can work with you to create logical, future proof virtualisation solutions. We provide the knowledge and the resources to help your virtualised environments continue to evolve, including private cloud solutions if it makes sense for your business.

  • Virtualisation strategy consulting
  • Private, Hybrid and Public clouds
  • Server and Application virtualisation
  • Virtualisation strategy consulting
  • Desktop virtualisation
  • Storage virtualisation
  • Network virtualisation
  • Any app, anywhere
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • VMware
  • Citrix
  • Microsoft
  • EMC
  • Veeam
  • Riverbed
  • Cisco